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While the core aim of the club is to promote active participation as well as provide recreational and competitive cricket for all ages, it is important for us to build a sound base of Social members who will support the activities of the club throughout the year.

Since its formation in 1946, the club has always been seen as a family friendly club and from the outset it has encouraged the growth of both playing and social memberships.

Social membership has been vital to the club since its formation and without the support of patrons using the facilities all year round, the cost of cricket and membership would be much, much higher than it is today.

Social events of many kinds are organised mainly for the off-season months between October and April. These are generally well supported but we could always do with attracting more participants as and when we can. The extension will provide us with the opportunity to double our capacity in terms of numbers attending functions which should boost revenue and create a lively and active social scene for the benefit of all.

The pavilion and all its facilities are also available for hire by members for that special occasion, whether it is a birthday, anniversary or a family gathering.

Now that the extension is open, community groups are able to hire the facilities for their specific activities. These activities will generally take place during the daytime hours but where groups wish to have access during evenings, we will have the ability to give them the room they require without affecting our regular users during the week.

In 2016, the club had around 380 members. Social members represent c.40% of the total membership. The remaining 60% are directly associated with cricket, either as players from the age of 8 upwards or as parents of junior players under the age of 16, as well as voluntary youth coaches, youth team managers and administrative assistants or are active in other sports such as Darts. This year we have added Football players from Leigh Town FC and Benfleet Villa FC and we also welcomed the Castle Point Joggers to the fold.

From April 2017 the cost of Social membership for an individual over the age of 18 will be £30 per annum. Social membership is available for individuals and their partners who have children under the age of 18, who are not directly involved in playing, or learning to play, cricket.

Senior playing membership for those over 18 and in full-time employment in 2017 costs £110.

Players under the age of 18, who are unemployed or in Further or Higher Education, pay only £50 per annum. All players will be expected to pay match fees every time they represent the club in League or Friendly matches.

The club organises indoor and outdoor fitness training and cricket coaching sessions for all age groups throughout the year. A session charge per individual covers the cost of hiring indoor facilities and maintaining practice equipment.

We currently run 4 x Saturday teams, 1 x Sunday XI plus age-group teams at U9, U11, U13, U15 levels. We are considering introducing girls and women’s cricket at some stage in the future if there is a demand.


The Club has adopted the following Code of Conduct for all Members-

  1. This Code of Conduct applies to all Club activities.
  2. The Club’s Management Committee Chairman and officers accept responsibility for the behaviour of its Officials, Players and Social Members and will take disciplinary action against any individual who fails to comply with this Code.
  3. We will observe the highest standards of sportsmanship, behaviour and dress both on and off the field in keeping with the dignity and best traditions of the game.
  4. We will not accept intimidation, aggressive behaviour and deliberate distraction of our opponents or guests.
  5. We will not accept dissent by players or supporters for Umpiring decisions made during matches at any level.
  6. We have acquainted all our Officials, Players and Social Members of this Code.
  7. We expect all our Club Captains, Players, Officials, Team Managers and Social Members to exercise suitable self-control at all times.

    Data protection: Please note that E-Mail addresses and contact details will be kept securely on computer and only used for official Club business.

    Subscription Charges for 2018:
    Please make cheques payable to 'H&TCC' for the appropriate membership category you are applying for with your application. Payment can also be made using the card payment machine located behind the Club Bar, or by electronic banking (please ask for details).

    Playing Members in full time employment (Over 18)
    (Penalty increase of £20 to £130 if paid on or after the 1st June.)
    *Playing Members Over 16 & Under 18 in full time employment £50.00
    *Playing Members Over 16 in full-time education/training
    (includes: School, College, University, Apprenticeship)
    *Youth Members (Under 10-16)
    (For one child: Includes Social Membership for parents/guardians
    Additional children from the same family - £25 each)
    * Social Member (Over 18) £30.00

    (Subscriptions for Playing Members includes Social Membership and all subscriptions are inclusive of VAT)

    CASC DECLARATION: Community Amateur Sports Club administered by the HM Revenue & Customs.
    I give my permission to the Hon Secretary to add my name to the Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club’s list of potential donors to qualify for CASC payment subsidies. I am a UK Tax payer. This scheme does not apply to Club subscription payments.

    Your application will be presented for approval at the next available Management Meeting and you will be officially notified shortly after.

    All sections should be completed clearly, not forgetting your Post Code, E-mail address and Telephone numbers.

    Prospective Senior Players, Coaches, Youth Team Assistants, Umpires and Scorers should be prepared to complete a DBS check, if requested.

    Please contact the Secretary for more information.

    By pressing 'Submit' you agree to abide by the rules of the club and pay renewal subscriptions by the due date.