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Our Cricket Club's Safeguarding Standards

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club is a social, family-friendly cricket club and we are committed to ensuring all children and young people participating in cricket have a safe and positive experience. We have been accredited under the Clubmark scheme run by the England & Wales Cricket Board.

ECB Clubmark accreditation shows that a cricket club is sustainable, well run and provides the right environment for its members. Clubmark accreditation also means a club is recognised as a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all ages, as well as assuring parents and carers that they are choosing the right option for their young people. This is something we are committed to maintaining, as part of our focus on youth development.

Our Club Safeguarding Officers

Our Club Safeguarding Officers are the main point of contact where there are any safeguarding or welfare concerns about a club member.

Alastair Graham

Alastair Graham

dilber vapiwala

Dilber Vapiwala

You can email us using marked in the subject line as “Private – FAO Club Welfare Officers”. Club Safeguarding Officers are trained by the Essex County Cricket Safeguarding Officer to respond to safeguarding concerns, and can also draw upon support from Southend Local Authority Designated Officer where appropriate.

Governing Documents & Club Policies

Below are the several of the documents and policies endorsed by our Management Committee and membership which contribute to our Clubmark accreditation: