Please complete this form to apply for playing, social or youth membership (for U16-U18s). Should you have any questions about this form or membership, speak to the Hon Secretary, Alastair Graham. If you are looking to sign-up a youth player Under 15 or younger, please email our Youth Secretary, Dilber Vapiwala, directly for our youth membership form.

Members renewing their existing membership do not need to complete this form unless they wish to update their membership details held by the club. Our membership years run from 1 May to 30 April the following year.

Any new membership application will be presented to Management Committee for consideration. We actively welcome applications from prospective playing and youth members of all abilities.

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    The social membership classifications are purely to help us complete Community Amateur Sports Club returns to HMRC.

    Complementary Social Membership

    Any member may introduce their spouse/partner to become a social member in their own right with all the privileges and responsibilities that this brings at a discounted rate of half the social membership subscription price. If they wish to become a card-carrying member, an online membership form should be submitted by them with their details selecting the spouse/partner membership category.

    Please note that your spouse/partner can be introduced as a guest as part of your membership, and they will only need membership in their own right if they use the club independently of you.

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    If you pay by cash, card or cheque at the bar please ensure a receipt is kept by you and the bar with your name on it

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    Personal details supplied on this form will be held securely and used for official club business in line with our data protection policy available on our website.


    CASC Declaration: Community Amateur Sports Club administered by HMRC

    I give my permission to the Hon Secretary to add my name to Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club’s list of potential donors to qualify for CASC payment subsidies. I am a UK taxpayer. This scheme does not apply to club subscription payments.

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    Subscription Rates

    • Please make cheques payable to ‘Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club’ and not to 'H&TCC' or anything other than the above.
    • We encourage you to make online payments and please contact the Secretary on the club email address for these details.
    Playing Membership (full time employment, over 18) £110.00
    Playing Membership (part time, in education/training, unemployed) £50.00
    Social Membership £40.00
    Social Members (Spouse/Partner of Existing Member) £20.00
    Youth Membership (incl. social membership for parents/guardians) £50.00
    Additional youth members from the same family £25.00

    If you need to pay in installments please speak to the Hon. Treasurer, Andy Revell, andy.revell@outlook.com, copying in hadleigh.thundersleycc@gmail.com.