1919-Hadleigh CC

Hadleigh Cricket Club 1919

Back Row (L-R):
Mr Porter-Senior; Mr Smith; Alfie Jones; Wilf Potter; Mr Hailstone; Joe Grant; Mr C Potter; Mr J Barber; Mr Len Barber; Mr Potter
Front Tow (L-R):
Harry Fields; Tom Owen; Mr Woodford; Mr Lynhan; Jim Owen
In Front:
Jimmy Botton

Thundersley Cricket Club 1920

If anyone can recognise the players and officials in this photograph, please contact Ron Curtis with the details.

1920-Thundersley CC
1946-Hadleigh CC

Thundersley Cricket Club 1946

If anyone can recognise the players and officials in this photograph, please contact Ron Curtis with the details.

1946-Thundersley CC

Thundersley Cricket Club 1946

If anyone can recognise the players and officials in this photograph, please contact Ron Curtis with the details.

In 1946 two local cricket clubs, Hadleigh CC and Thundersley CC, amalgamated at the end of the 2nd World War to form the club we know today.

The annual subscription for players in the new club were fixed at one shilling (5p) with match fees of 2/- (10p) for home games and 1/- for away matches!!
How times have changed! The club started with one of the key problems that we experience today – a lack of playing members. Initially the club ran one Saturday team, one Sunday team and a Wednesday team – for the shopkeepers who had that day off each week. How times have changed again!!!

Believe it or not, we still have active members (very few) who were there from virtually the start of the new H&TCC. Unfortunately we lost two of our long-standing members in 2015 who passed in their nineties but who had active associations with the club since its formation in 1946. Jimmy Watson was the first Wednesday Captain and Albert Collins played from the mid-1940s until well into his 70s and captained the 3rd XI in the 1960s era.

Hadleigh & Thundersley Wednesday XI 1954

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Wednesday XI 1951

Standing (L-R):
Bert Gower (Umpire/Treasurer); Bob (Jimmy) Watson; Ken Arnold; Bob Holmes (Captained Wed XI after 1954); Bob Awford; Norman Bambridge; Geoff Byford (Later Club Captain); Norman Smith; A. Aldridge (?)
Sitting (L-R):
Mrs. Harwood (Scorer); Harry Hewitt (Wed XI Captain 1948-1954); Jack Bardell (Landlord of The Crown PH); Jack Sheaville (Landlord of The Castle PH).

This information was provided by John Jarvis who played for H&TCC as a school boy in the 1940s. He was probably but not certainly, at school when this team photo was taken. The photo was taken before 1953 when the pavilion was opened. John later went on to be the Club Captain for a number of seasons in the 1960s and 70s era; John has also been Chairman and President of H&TCC in his later years, as well as served for many years on ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) Committees and the Essex County Cricket Club Committee. Now well into his eighties, he currently organises a monthly lunch for current and past players/members during the winter months, raising funds to improve the facilities at the club for all to enjoy in the process.

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club c.1952

If anyone can recognise the players and officials in this photograph, please contact Ron Curtis with the details.

S. Ballard; B. Hart; B. Field; R. Homeword; R. Harwood; Jim Sheppard; E. Ballard; L. Ballard

1946-Team Photo
1953-Players-Pavilion Opening Match

The Opening Day for the New H&TCC Pavilion in John H. Burrows Recreation Park 1953

The original H&TCC Pavilion was opened in 1953 in John Burrows Recreation Ground with the raising of the flag by Essex CCC and England Test Player, Trevor Bailey.

This photo was taken on the day and shows all the players who took part in the celebration match. I believe that Trevor Bailey was on Test duty at the time and he probably shouldn’t have even got changed for the match, let alone play! I am reliably informed that he did bat, but didn’t take the field!

As far as we can tell, the 22 players and officials on the day that can be named from left to right are:-

Back row:
Richard Horsfall; ???????; Richie Shepard; ???????; Harry Ballard; ???????; Bob Holmes:
Middle Row:
??????? (Umpire); Harry Challis (H&TCC Secretary); David Watkins; Bob Homewood; Geoff Byford; John Scrivenor; Len Ballard; Norman Sammons (Umpire); Brian Taylor –Wkt (Essex & England):
Front Row:
Pat Barnes; Jimmy Watson; Ray Smith; Burt Farnham; Frank Vigar; Norman Smith; Trevor Bailey (Essex & England); John Jarvis:

If anyone can recognise the players and officials in this photograph, please contact Ron Curtis with the details.

August 1953

A large crowd assembled in August 1953 in John Burrows Recreation Ground for the official opening of the new pavilion which subsequently burned down on Christmas Eve 1970. The replacement pavilion was opened in August 1971 and a major extension was added in 2016-17.

T.E. Bailey (Essex & England) was the guest of honour and pulled up the club flag to officially open the new building. He then took part in an exhibition match between the club and a Southend District Cricket Association select XI.

To the left of the picture is Rectory Road looking towards the corner with New Road. No ‘health and safety’ barriers between the club and the roads then – just a hedge, a ditch and a few young trees!

hadleigh and thundersley cricket club august 1953
hadleigh and thundersley cricket club august 1953 pavilion opening

H&TCC played a select XI representing Southend & District Cricket Association at the opening of the new pavilion in John H Burrows Recreation Park.

The photo of players, club members and friends includes;
Len Ballard; Charlie Sugg; Bob Holmes; Norman Bambridge; Jack Sheavill; Richard Sheppard; Bob Sims; Alan Watkins; Pat Barnes; William Boys; George Harwood; Harry Field; John Scrivenor; Geoff Byford; Harry Challis; Bert Farnham; Bob Homewood; John Jarvis; Harry Harwood; Geoff Hardy; Alf Lambert; Norman Hambridge; Tony Lambkin; Bert Gower (Umpire); members, families and children.

Opening the Pavilion in 1953
H&TCC v Southend & District Cricket Association

Back Row (L-R)
Bob Homewood; Roger Sheppard; Pat Barnes; Bob Holmes; J Brown (Runwell CC); Reg Holland (Marine CC); Alan Carradus (Old Southendians CC); B Croston (Old Westcliffians CC); Bob Pinkerton (Rayleigh CC)
Middle Row (l-R):
Bert Hart; Jimmy Watson; Geoff Byford; C Pearce (Westcliff CC);
Front Row (L-R):
John Scrivenor; Len Ballard; Norman Smith; Harry Ballard; Gerald McLellan (Westcliff CC); F Goodrum (Southend LCS) Derek Blott (St John’s CC); Edgar Ward (Leigh CC)

hadleigh and thundersley cricket club august 1953 opening the pavilion
H&TCC Saturday 1st XI – 1954

H&TCC Saturday 1st XI – 1954

Harry H Hewitt (Umpire): ?; Bert Hart; Les Carter; Bob Simms; Brian Hewitt; Tony Lambkin
Front Row (L-R):
Albert Collins; Norman Hambridge; Bert Farnham; Sid Nunnan

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Wednesday XI 1954

Back Row (L-R):
Bert GOWER (Umpire/H&TCC Treasurer); Jimmy (Robert) WATSON; George HORWOOD; Ken ARNOLD; Bob HOLMES; Bob AWFORD
Middle Row (L-R):
Seated (L-R):
Mrs H HARWOOD (scorer); Harry HEWITT (Wednesday XI Captain1948-54); Jack BARDELL; Jack SHEAVILL:

Hadleigh & Thundersley Wednesday XI 1954
  • ‘Jimmy’ Watson: Christened Robert but always know as Jimmy, was the Manager of the Hadleigh Co-op
  • George Horwood: Local Daws Heath Farmer
  • Ken Arnold: Proprietor Sports and Office Supplies shop @ Thames Drive, Leigh
  • Bob Holmes: Accountant. Also owned the NEWS BOX Newsagents in Benfleet
  • Bob Awford; Proprietor local Bakers
  • Harry Hewitt: Photographer – had shop on London Road, Leigh
  • Jack Bardell: Proprietor of Garage that stood where Morrisons supermarket is now. He married into the family that owned the Crown Hotel/Public House and a number of other hostelries between here and London
  • Jack Sheavill: Proprietor The Castle Public House

All information provided by John Jarvis. John was born and brought up in Hadleigh and attended Westcliff High School. He played as a schoolboy for Hadleigh & Thundersley from 1946 until retiring from playing senior cricket in the late 1970s. John was a regular 1st XI player throughout the 50s and 60s as an aggressive batsman and off-spin bowler. He held the offices of Club and 1st XI Captain, Chairman and President and is now an Honorary Life Member of the Club in recognition of his services to the club. He also served for many years on Essex County Cricket Club Committees and a number of MCC Committees which demonstrates his life-long dedication to our local cricket Club as well as in helping to develop the game of cricket at County and National levels.

Now in his 80s, John currently organises a monthly Lunch Club which meets every 1st Thursday of the month between September and March. The Lunch Club helps to keep ex-players and friends of H&TCC in touch and raises much needed funds for club improvements for the benefit of all. The Lunch Club has funded a newly refurbished kitchen and the purchase of much need Bar furniture in recent times.


Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club 1955

If anyone can recognise the players and officials in this photograph, please contact Ron Curtis with the details.

A typical match day in the late 1950s

Throughout the 1950s and 60s it was not unusual to find a good crowd of spectators around the boundary on match days in JHB when the 1st XI was playing. A shed near the pavilion housed the deck chairs and folding chairs which were used by spectators.

When Hadleigh was batting the youngest member of the team, especially if he was batting low down in the order, was sent round the boundary to collect donations to aid club funds. Happy Days!!

A typical match day in the late 1950s
Saturday 1st XI – 1958

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Saturday 1st XI 1958

Back Row (L-R):
Jack Bartlam (Umpire); Richard Sheppard; Jackie Pile; H Smith; Harry Ballard; Bob Awford; Don Johnson; Harry Field (Umpire)
Front Row (L-R):
John Jarvis; Barry Evans; Bob Holmes (Capt); Jimmy Watson; Lambert Hardy:

H&TCC 1st XI – c. 1959
H&TCC Wednesday XI

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club 1st XI c.1959

Photo taken in front of Solby’s House

Back Row (L-R):

Norman Burbridge; Charlie Sugg; Bob Sims; Bob Holmes; Brian Hewitt; Geoff Byford; ….?......
Front Row (L-R):
Pat Barnes; Len Ballard; Harry Ballard; Norman Smith; Jimmy Watson.

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Wednesday XI

Back Row (L-R)
Colin King; Bill Johnson; Barry Evans; John Jarvis; Normand Howe; Richard Sheppard

Front Row (L-R)
Jimmy Watson; Bob Holmes; Roger Sheppard; Jackie Pike; Len Ballard

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Benefit Match v Essex 1960

This looks like a benefit match between H&TCC and Essex as it includes Brian Taylor (Wkt) (far right) and just to the left sitting down looks like Trevor Bailey. Is that Michael Bear (Essex) standing at the back? H&TCC players that can be identified include Jimmy Watson (one the left about to bat), Geoff Byford (standing behind Jimmy) and John Jarvis (far right sitting down).

1960 – Benefit Match v Essex

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Wednesday XI 1962

Back Row (L-R)
William Boys: Barry Evans: Alan Watkins: Geoff Hardy: Laurie Battelle; Norman Radford:
Front Row (L-R)
Len Ballard: John Jarvis: Geoff Byford (Capt); Norman Howell: Jimmy Watson

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Bill Greensmith’s Benefit Match 1963

Back Row (L-R):
…..?....... (Umpire); Tony Murray; Eddie Higginson; Don Johnson; Bob Sims; Richard Sheppard; ..….?.......; Pat Barnes (Umpire)
Front Row (L-R):
Len Ballard; John Jarvis; Geoff Byford; Arthur Hodgson; Jimmy Watson

H&TCC XI Bill Greensmith’s Benefit Match - 1963
Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Wednesday XI 1965

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Wednesday XI 1965

Back Row (L-R):
Harry Ballard; …….?.........; Bill Smith (Wkt); Bob Awford; Bert Farnham; Ray Burton;
Front Row (L-R):
……?.........; Bob Holmes; Laurie Battel; Norman Smith; William Boys

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Saturday 1st XI 1968

Back Row:
Tom Hodge (Scorer); John Agar; Peter Brown; Bob Simms: Brian Rayner; Harry Field (Umpire)
Front Row:
Len Rodwell; Geoff Westbrook (Wkt); Eddie Higginson: Sidney Corbett (President); John Jarvis (Capt); Robin Turner: Henry Revell.

H&TCC Saturday 1st XI - 1968
1970-Pavilion Fire-3

Pavilion Fire 1970

The original pavilion, which was modelled on the traditional pavilion seen in many villages was opened by Trevor Bailey in 1953. It stood on the site of the current pavilion until it was destroyed by fire on Christmas Eve in 1970. The current building was built in the summer of 1971. This building was extended during 2016-17 with grant funding from the Veolia North Thames Trust, CPBC, the Essex Community Initiative Fund, Essex Community Foundation, Essex & Southend Sports Trust and donations from members and friends. The pavilion now boasts six changing rooms and a large social area.

The New Pavilion

Much was lost in that fire but with renewed determination, a new pavilion was built and was operational by the middle of the following cricket season thanks to the hard work of club volunteers who helped with digging foundations and building walls – alongside help from the professionals!

The new pavilion has seen constant amendments and improvements over the years and we are currently concluding a very ambitious extension project which will see the addition of four new changing rooms, a much bigger social area on the first floor with disabled access and facilities. The aim is to create a sports/community hub in John Burrows which will serve not only the members of the club, but community groups as well.

Groups who use the grounds existing RVS facilities will eventually transfer their activities to our building as and when their existing meeting space is no longer available. The local Council plans to demolish the RVS building as and when it becomes untenable.


The plan includes the construction of an external public toilet facility on the ground floor accessible to all park users, as there isn’t an available toilet for them to use at the moment.


The Management Committee for the Extension Project would like to thank all those listed below for their generous contributions towards meeting the cost of the Extension Project through the BUY-A-BRICK fund-raising scheme.

1971-New Pavilion-Letter
1971-New Pavilion-Schedule-1
1971-New Pavilion-Schedule-2
H&TCC Saturday 2nd XI - 1973
H&TCC Saturday 3rd XI – 1973

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Saturday 2nd XI 1973

Back Row (L-R):
Harry Field (Umpire); Tony Brazier; Geoff Byford; Geoff Westbrook (Capt/Wkt); Bob Simms; David Slaughter; Roland Revell;
Front Row (L-R):
Chris Cawcutt; Mike Hayden; Doug Meakin; Steve Jones

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Saturday 3rd XI 1973

Back Row (L-R):
Chris Smith; Arthur Hodgson; Ray Mead Albert Collins; Norman Radford ;Don Johnson; Chris Sargeant
Front Row (L-R):
Keith Lilley, David Entwistle, Martin Whipple

Evening Echo Champions 1977

Left - Right:
Clive Mohabir; Peter Knight; Dick Neal; David Jones; Kim Bailey (Capt); Dave Smith (Southend United Manager); Glen Jones; Neil Harding; David Slaughter; John Jarvis (Won the £5 bet); Crouching: Ron Curtis; Chris McHale; ….?....: Dick Neal’s Dog wearing he H&TCC sweatshirt

Evening Echo Champions 1997
1980 Hadleigh and Thundersley Cricket Club

Cricket in John Burrows c.1980

This picture shows the pavilion prior to its extensions in 2017 on a brilliant summer day with not a cloud in the sky! There seems to be a good crowd watching the match and even some spectators watching from the boundary.

The building that replaced the fire-gutted original pavilion in 1971 was added to and altered over the years; the most notable alteration being the filling in at the front of what was an overhang to accommodate a new beer cellar to the right and a storage facility to the left (the shutter for the storage area is up in this picture).

Chairs, benches and tables were stored in the shuttered store room and on International Days in July, the room was turned into a temporary bar area for the benefit of the many spectators from the local community coming to see the ex-Test players in action against a select XI made up mainly of our club players with a few ‘guests’.

In its heyday, between the late 1940s and mid 1960s, matches in JHB were well attended by spectators who came from as far away as Shoeburyness. As a young cricketer in the mid-60s, our current Secretary was often sent around the boundary when H&TCC side was batting to ask for cash donations for the Club from the spectators – taking round a special collection box. Deck chairs were available for spectators for a nominal cost of 6d – 2.5p in new money. Ice Creams and sweets were also sold to children and park users from the back of the pavilion facing the service road.

In the 1970s and 1980s the main square was in excellent condition and the outfield was very smooth and fast, especially after a prolonged dry spell – as is evident in the picture above.

In the 1960s there was no protective fencing around the ground on New Road and Rectory Road as there is today, but with the bats that were available at the time, not many big sixes were hit out of the ground and into the roads and nearby houses at any time – even during Cricket Week.

H&TCC SUNDAY 1st XI – 1981

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Sunday 1st XI 1981

Back Row:
Clive Mohabir; Stephen Gargrave; Tom Wilson; Paul Jackson; Tony Downey; Roland Revell; Paddy Long
Front Row:
Ian Pryor; Geoff Westbrook (Wkt); Harry Greenwood (Capt); Ron Curtis; Neil Harding


Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Sunday 2nd XI 1981

Back Row:
Roy Pearce (Umpire); Mike Hutchinson; Colin Willis; Peter Wagstaff; David Greaves; Nick Heath; Paul Hayes
Front Row:
John Jarvis; Steven Jones; Peter Jenkinson (Capt/Wkt); Peter Knight; David Slaughter; Tim Greenwood.

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Saturday 1st XI 1989

Back Row (L-R):
Geoff Westbrook (Umpire); Iain Bray; Craig Manson; Nigel Warwick; Andrew Revell; David Slaughter; Keith Klein;
Front Row (L-R):
John Ancock (Scorer); Roland Revell; Nigel Holmes; Andy Johnson; Peter Ballard; Glen Geeson;

Saturday 1st XI – 1989
Boxing Day Charity Matches in JHB
Boxing Day Match 2013

Boxing Day Charity Matches in JHB

For many years (25+) H&TCC held an annual charity Boxing Day match against Roger Buxton’s XI. When Roger’s team was no longer able to be there, the final few years of this unique local event were against a ‘select’ team from Leigh-on-Sea CC. Matches were played on a coconut matting wicket laid out on the football pitch adjoining the main square.

In this match in 1990 the participants included;
Chiraq Desai; Adam and Neil Goodman; Geoff Davison; Steven Gargrave; Keith Klein; Mark Palmer; Martin Wood; Steve Johnson; David Slaughter, Peter Millard (LoS); John (?)Threadgold; and some others who still need to be identified.

In one of the early matches, Roger Buxton (off-spin bowler) came on to bowl against John Jarvis. After only a couple of balls, JJ was caught in the deep, much to Roger’s delight. His joy was short-lived as the umpire after a while called ‘No Ball!’ On asking why this decision was made, the umpire replied: “You have been bowling a lot of no balls but Mr Jarvis told me only to call one when it was important!” From my recollection there were only a small number of matches held in the snow and footwear included football boots and whitened wellies worn by Len Rodwell!

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Saturday 1st XI 1991

Back Row (L-R):
David Greaves; Ron Curtis; Mark Palmer; Jon Wagstaff; Ken Saunders (Umpire); Neil Harding; Andrew Revell
Front Row (L-R):
Steve Jones; Mark Seadon; David Slaughter; Glen Geeson;
John Ancock (Scorer)

Saturday 1st XI 1991

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Past Captains' XI

Inset Left: Paddy Long
Inset Right: Roland Revell
Back Row (L-R):
John Clarke; Nigel Holmes; Mark Palmer; David Slaughter; Neil Harding
Front Row (L-R):
Kevin Grant; John Jarvis (Capt); Peter Jenkinson (Wkt); Kim Bailey; Ron Curtis

This match was played against a club side in Cricket Week which is always held during the first full week in August.

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Saturday 1st XI 2005

Back Row:
Tim Lowes; ?; Adam Fleming; Richard Revell; Steven Board; ?
Front Row:
Chiraq Desai; Mike Tibbenham; Paul Baker; Paul Tibbenham; Devang Ghandi

H&TCC Saturday 1st XI - 2005
H&TCC Saturday 1st XI - 2007
2012-T-20 Squad

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club Saturday 1st XI 2007

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club T-20 Squad 2012

john jarvis

1931 – 2017

1946Joined H&TCC and played for 1st XI aged 15
Scored over 23,000 runs and took over 1,000 wickets during his playing career with H&TCC.
1960 & 66-73H&TCC Club Captain
1969Chairman Essex Cricket Association
1972-2004Essex County Cricket Club Executive Committee
1982-1996President H&TCC
1997Hon Life President H&TCC
2007Founded the H&TCC Lunch Club